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Beginners and Pros - Learn the secrets of high search engines ranking and search engine optimization. Gain immediate access to all our articles, step-by-step instructions, our private discussion group and more. Click on the words Search Engines above for details.
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Internet Marketing using Google Search Engines
How to survive in the Search Engine Jungle

This site provides continually updated Search Engine Optimization techniques for the little guy.

No complicated theory . . . just down-to-earth, easy-to-implement, get-it-done search engine optimization techniques that work.

Sign up today and see why our members continually get high rankings on all search engines.

5 Simple SEO Techniques You May be Overlooking
There are a lot of detailed technical things you can do to your webiste to make it rank high, but don't overlook the simple little things that produce amazing results. Here are the five simple things that will produce the best results for the least amount of effort . . . read more >>

How to convert your "almost" links into real links
Getting other webmasters to provide a link to your site (and include it in the text of an article that's on their site) is not easy, but here's a technique that works almost every time. Not only do these links increase your ranking, but they bring people to your site who are already interested in your product . . . read more >>

Is adding links now a lost cause?
There's a lot of talk about links not being as important as they used to be when it comes to your ranking. Google has been testing the idea of totally eliminating incoming links as a ranking factor. Are they really going to do that? . . . read more >>

Google just released Panda 4.0
On May 19th Google released Panda 4.0. What does this mean to you and what should you do? I have spend the last two weeks evaluating it and it's not all bad. Of course, for some sites it is bad news. Ask yourself these questions and you will know if you need to make changes to your site . . . read more >>

The easy way to make links more valuable
There are not many (if any) ranking tricks that Google isn't aware of and of course, they know how to detect them. Therefore the tricks don't work. Here's a technique that will really boost the value of your links -- and yes, Google approves of it and even rewards it . . . read more >>

Duplicate content penalty when you don't have a single word of duplicate content
Google's duplicate content penalty could be hurting your website ranking when you don't have a single word of duplicate content. The reason is that Google (in their new patent) has changed their definition of what they're calling duplicate content. . . . read more >>
Don't just think outside the box, get outside of your box
Don't just think outside the box, get outside of your box I don't think I've ever had a really good idea while I was sitting at my desk (in my box, in other words). I'm sure you think you know your market and your customers. But do you really know what their problems, worries, thoughts and concerns are? They're probably not what they were a year ago. How this relates to search engine optimization and ranking high on Google might surprise you. . . . read more >>
Thin content is just as dangerous as thin ice
Thin content is just as dangerous as thin ice Google uses the term, "Thin content" as a way to describe content with little or no useful or new information. It's not just that thin content pages won't do you any good, Google will quickly drop the ranking of your site if you have pages with what they consider to be useless information. Here are five ways to make your content informative and useful . . . read more >>
Everything doesn't have to be just perfect to rank high
Everything doesn't have to be just perfect to rank high Search Google for the word, "Coffee" and as you might expect, you will find the Starbucks website on the first page of the search results. The surprising thing is that the website is not following many of the rules that are generally accepted as being more or less required to rank high. Let me explain . . . read more >>
Search engine information is like online dating -- most everything you read is false
Search engine information is like online dating -- most everything you read is false You need to approach search engine optimization with your eyes wide open. Take things you read with a grain of salt. The opinions that really count are the ones based on actual tests. Even what Google tells you sometimes is what they want you to do rather than what has been proven to work. Here are some examples . . . read more >>
Does linking to other sites help your PageRank?
Does linking to other sites help your PageRank? SEO is an uphill battle if you don't have some inside secrets. For example, conventional wisdom (and Google) say that linking to other high-ranking web sites won't help your site rank higher, but many times conventional wisdom is dead wrong. Is this one of those times? . . . read more >>
Getting PageRank juice from your links -- the rules have changed
Getting PageRank juice from your links -- the rules have changed Google changes their ranking rules all the time. Sometimes the changes are just minor tweaks and sometimes Google does a total about face. In other words, what you have to do to rank high now is the exact opposite of what you had to do in the old days (like last year). Here's a recent example . . . read more >>
Will your website be in the graveyard in 90 days?
Will your website be in the graveyard in 90 days? There is no such thing as learning search engine optimization techniques once and for all. If you try to use the SEO techniques you have been using in the old days -- like in 2012 and 2013, your site may soon be in the graveyard. Google has changed big time and more changes are coming fast. Here's the first thing you need to do for 2014 . . . read more >>
The real purpose of a Press Release -- it's NOT what you think
Most people think the purpose of a press release is the get an editor to use the information you send him/her to write a story about you, your company, your product or your service. This kind of thinking is why most press releases never result in an article being published about you or your business. Write your press release with the real purpose in mind and you will be amazed at the results you get . . . read more >>
Who ships faster Amazon or China?
Who ships faster Amazon or China? This bear finally found a parking place in downtown Asheville, NC and now someone wants him to move. Last week I stepped out my front door and there was a bear standing there looking at me. Most of the articles on this site are about how to get ranked high in the search engines -- particularly Google. This article is going to be a little different. . . . read more >>
Can you still make money using "White Hat" only SEO techniques?
Can you still make money using "White Hat" only SEO techniques? If you've been reading my articles for the last few years, you know I have been preaching the reasons why you should use only White Hat SEO techniques. These articles were all true -- at the time, but the search engine world has changed. Here are the new rules . . . read more >>
How to send a press release that will get noticed by an editor in today's high-tech world
How to send a press release that will get noticed by an editor in today's high-tech world Press releases are no longer just for brick and mortar businesses, but a press release has to be sent the right way to get an editor to pay any attention to it. You can send a press release by email, by snail mail, by fax, by hand delivering it or by using a press release service like PRWeb or PRLeap. Which deliver method works the best in today's world? . . . read more >>
The 8 elements of a great Press Release
Trusted links are more important than ever to high search engine rankings. Published articles in print and on the Internet will get you those trusted links. . . . read more >>
Play by the rules or by way the search engine game's being called?
Since Google (like referees and umpires), doesn't always call the "game" by the rule book, an important decision must be made by webmasters. . . . read more >>
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